half Bag Tilting Mixer

1/2 {Half} Bag Tilting Concrete Mixer

1/2 Bag Tilting Mixer This concrete mixer is easy to attach and detach. In which the drum has the capacity to hold up to 90 liters sufficiently. The mixer is fitted with two Pneumatic wheels and 2 H.P1 phase electric motor for effective functioning. In this mixer the drive is bell type which is known for low maintenance and stability

  1/2 Bag Tilting
Type Tilting Type
Drum Capacity 90 Ltrs
Drum Speed 18 to 20 RPM
Concrete Mixing 180 Seconds
rime approximate
Prime Mover 2 H.P1 phase electric motor
Drive Bell
Wheels Pneumatic 2 Nos
Dimensions L-1600 x W-920 x H-lSOOmm